JOEST displays at VRAC TECH in Le Mans, France.

Categories: Published 10/4/2019

The French subsidiary of the JOEST group was once again an exhibitor at VRAC TECH to present the latest innovations and solutions to visitors of the trade show.
From 1.-3. October, one of JOEST Manutation Par Vibration’s main attractions was a circuit consisting of JOEST and DIETERLE® machines. A DIETERLE® lifting and tipping device, a JOEST spiral feeder and two JOEST dosing feeders showed the lifting, tipping and conveying of bulk materials.
Above all, it highlighted the bandwidth of JOEST’s product line and the interaction with DIETERLE® machines. The circuit was able to draw the attention of many visitors and led to numerous interesting conversations.
Just as last year, JOEST MPV had many visitors at the booth and is now looking forward to the follow ups. VRAC TECH has shown once again how big the interest in JOEST’s product line and complete solutions is.
JOEST says thank you to all of the visitors of the trade show and is looking forward to exhibit at VRAC TECH again next year.

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