Product conveyance distance about 47 meters? JOEST has the solution!

Categories: Published 10/30/2015

47 meter-transport of waste slag with JOEST Vibrating Trough Type Feeder FSM

The JOEST Vibrating FSM Trough Type Feeder for european customers will be used for the evacuation of burned slag to an ash bunker. This feeder will be positioned beneath two waste incineration furnaces.

The vibrating trough type feeder works on the basis of mass compensated resonance – the induced vibrations and the dynamic forces are caught by active vibration dampers. Through this the power transmission to the foundations and the steel construction are reduced.

The 47 m long feeder is placed under the furnace in the basement of an incinerator, through here there is a special installation situation. The plant was designed and manufactured in such a way that it is possible to separate it into sections. The entire machine was lowered down through a narrow shaft into the basement and assembled after. The drive station has been produced that a quick exchange is possible.

Under the lead-in-area to the furnaces, each section of the vibrating trough type feeder is covered with a hood. Inspection platforms are placed at regular intervals along the entire length of the machine. To ensure a long life, a special, corrosion-resistant surface coating was applied.

No matter what requirements customers may have – JOEST offers the required experience, know-how and custom engineered solutions for your market success.  Simply contact us!

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