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Categories: Published 12/15/2021

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Dear clients,
Dear employees,

We started into this year this year optimistically, trusting that an extensive vaccination campaign would help us confront the virus in unity and all our precautions would pay off.

However, the virus proved us wrong and the 4th  wave has arrived. We hope that further restrictions and an increasing willingness to be vaccinated will help defeat this pandemic in the world none the less. But there is still a long and tough road ahead of us. Perhaps even a compulsory vaccination cannot be averted.

In addition to the pandemic, the supply chain situation has an increasing impact on our business. Often its only small parts, especially in the electronics sector, that delay the delivery of valuable and urgently needed machines.

Shortages in containers and drastically elevated fuel costs as well as transportation costs in general will impact the expenses of our company too.

Rising energy costs are another factor that is leaving a noticeable trace.

Although the political situation in the USA has calmed down considerably, we face new challenges in Asia. Rigid restrictions in China lead to 4 and 5 days respectively in September and October of this year where we were unable to manufacture because our power was cut without prior notice.

Therefore, regarding these challenging conditions, our special thanks go to all our employees in this once again extraordinary year. We thank our suppliers and clients for the constructive exchange and the close and flexible cooperation that is all the more important now in order to master this series of challenges. We are looking forward to continuing the successful cooperation next year. 

Dr. Hans Moormann,
Dr. Marcus Wirtz

Read now: JOESTimes #01 | 2021

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