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Categories: Published 11/9/2022

I am Simon Eigen, 21 years old and I started my apprenticeship as an Industrial Clerk at JOEST in Buldern in August 2021. I have been here for one and a half years now and had the chance to experience various departments and their workflows.
After my first day of getting to know the company with a tour of the headquarters, I started my apprenticeship in the registry. After 2 months of organizing folder traffic throughout the company, I was reassigned to the reception. This was ideal to get to know my colleagues and their jurisdictions in the company. Having learned about the basic workflows, I then went on to the sales department for foundries. Besides writing offers and order confirmations, I had the opportunity to work on an experiment with aluminum dross at the JOEST Test Center. This was very interesting and gave me the chance to see JOEST machines in action. The two months here passed by very quickly and were followed by the storage facility and quality control on the shop floor. Back in the office, I was tasked to implement my knowledge from foundry sales in the JVM sales team. To start off the second year of my apprenticeship, I got to work in IT. The extensive task of renovating the second floor of House 3 was on the agenda for IT at the time. Next, I was sent to marketing where I was fortunate enough to join the department “Chemicals & Foods” at the “Powtech”-convention in Nuernberg. It was amazing to see the amount of time and effort that goes into organizing such an event. We spent five days together in Nuernberg, where the team grew together nicely after hours. Furthermore, I helped plan and execute a “JOESTeam-Day” with the marketing team. Like last year, we set up a small Oktoberfest to say thanks to all the employees, serving Bavarian specialties like “Weißwurst” and “Leberkaes”.
So far, I have gathered exciting insights at JOEST that taught me the fundamentals of an Industrial Clerk whilst creating a healthy balance between office work and other interesting activities. In addition to working in many different departments, there are numerous advantages of an apprenticeship at JOEST. These include flexible working hours that are almost entirely customizable and a lot of vacation days.
I like working at JOEST because you can develop your own skills within a team and broaden your horizon with an insight in the global economy.

My colleagues also commented…

„I like working at JOEST because we have flexible working hours and can work independently.”
– Benito Geisert, Apprentice Industrial Clerk

„I like working at JOEST, especially because you pass through all the departments which helps you better identify with the company. Moreover, the flexible working hours and 35h working week help a lot when planning your leisure time.”
– Tanja Grewe, Apprentice Industrial Clerk

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